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THE SHOP offers the full spectrum of fabrication capability for every market we service. We maintain a full service staff dedicated to provide the following for our clientele.

  • Technical & Mechanical Design

  • Drafting

  • Carpentry

  • Steel & Aluminum 

  • Scenic Painting

  • Sculpting

  • CNC Capabilities

  • Custom Steel Tables & Benches

  • Planters

  • Light Fixtures & Sconces

  • Art Deco Chandeliers

  • Upholstered Wall Partitions

  • Large Format Printing

  • 3D Contouring

  • Project Management

  • Freight Advancement

  • Automation

  • Flame Treating & Testing

  • System Integration

  • LED Lighting & Electrical

  • Prototype Construction

  • E-sports Surrounds


THE SHOP offers an extensive list of rental solutions.

  • Turntables

  • Deck Tracks

  • Winches

  • Lifts

  • Hoists

  • Staging

  • Static Lecterns

  • Retractable Lecterns

  • Mobilators

  • Motorized Wagons

  • Motion Control (Front-ends).

  • Plinths

  • Travelers

  • Sloat Lid Effects

  • Drapery

  • Screen Frames

  • LED Channels & Light Boxes.

For more information, checkout our gear page.


At THE SHOP, we pride ourselves on not only having fully trained, courteous and knowledgeable shop staff, but also maintaining a network of freelance installation supervisors that are available and ready to work your event and understand that flexibility and ingenuity are key to keeping a project on pace. We seek out the best and the brightest to work with our clients and their production staff.


Additionally we offer our Hospitality & Architectural clientele the following services:


  • Custom Manufacturing

  • Prototype Construction

  • Refurbishment

  • Steel, Wood & Glass Tables.

  • Custom Planters

  • UL Listed Light Sconces & Fixtures.

  • Casework

  • Cabinetry

  • Cash Wraps

  • Art Deco Chandeliers

  • Upholstered Wall Partitions.

  • NFPA Flame Treating & Certification.

  • Ceiling Elements

  • Modification

  • Wardrobe Closets

  • Electrical

  • Staining

  • Painting

  • Faux Finishes

  • Custom Planters

  • Design & Drafting

  • LED Lighting


THE SHOP offers our clients both local and national storage solutions with convenient monthly, quarterly and annual billing options. All storage options are fully insured and come with the proper support staff and equipment for handling your assets in the proper manner.

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